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SkillCert consultancys question bank is designed as per the IIBA enhanced certification program based on competency based testing .Each question is designed as per the learning outcome statements . You will find case studies of 1 to 1.5 pages and upto 10 questions based on this . Scenario based questions will also be available .

The correct question is explained with reference with reasons . The wrong choices are also explained with logic .

Welcome to the International Institute of business analysis (IIBA) entry level program ECBA. 

This course is ideal for those who are new to business analysis or for someone who wants  to switch

The ECBA certificate is targeted at:
  • Individuals entering the BA profession:
    • Students enrolled in BA academic programs
    • New graduates
  • Professionals transitioning careers
  • Functional managers who are not BAs but manage them

Get to understand the worlds most comprehensive business analysis body of knowledge ( BABOK) and kick start your business analysis career .

Best suited for working as line managers and those working with IT companies 

Demo for L & T Infotech Ltd

This course is about designing a winning business case 

COURSE INTRODUCTION: The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification is a prestigious professional designation from the International Institute of Business analysis (IIBA) a professional body of senior business analysts.

The CBAP program is meant for senior business analysts who have a minimum of 7500 hours equivalent to 5 years of hands on business analysis experience.

The CCBA program is meant for senior business analysts who have a minimum of 3750 hours equivalent to 2 years of hands on business analysis experience.

This course contains video and PDF material for the International requirements engineering board, Germany, Foundation program .

Faculty Development Program

Management Capacity Enhancement Program

As a Gen-next leader what is your leadership quotient?

  • As a leader do you create future for your organization & team or remain tied up in overseeing current processes 
  • Do you nurture ideas that will add value to the organization or take fancy to plug on execution gaps
  • Do you take a risk that will reward you exponentially in future and make the difference  

Improve your leadership quotient for higher team acceptability and greater results.


This inspiring leadership development program from Skillcert’s has transformed managers into leaders. This program is designed to bring necessary action to deliver results.


In this program we will intervene on below mentioned Leadership pillars

  1. ·         Leadership alignment – Self & team
  2. ·         Group Dynamics
  3. ·         Decision making
  4. ·         Conflict Management
  5. ·         Motivation
  6. ·         Trust building

This program is designed for provide 360 degree leadership excellence.


What are the key learning from this program?

1. What are the key Functions of a leaders? 2. What are different Leadership Styles? Which style is good for me?

3. How to effectively lead a Team? 4. How to Set Inspiring Team Goals? 5. How to Support Your Team’s Development

6. How to set right priorities for the teams? 7. How to Delegate effectively? 8. What are different conflict resolution methods? 9. How to motivate teams using scientific methods? 10. How to empower People to deliver higher goals

What is the benefit from this program?


  1. Cement your Leadership essentials. Get your leadership model aligned.
  2. Learn different leadership style & practice them as per the external situation
  3. Improve your effectiveness as a leader to lead the teams
  4. Learn to set inspiring goals for the team. Define and manage vision, mission for your domain
  5. Effectively own your teams. Mentor & coach your team members
  6. Learn setting priorities, Time management, and conflict management.
  7. Learn how to inspire & motivate people around you.
  8. Learn to derive power of delegation
  9. Empower your teams
  10. Learn how to build team trust. How to become role model within your team.

Set high Goals for you and your team. Work towards higher motivation levels for the team. Inspire & lead using scientific techniques to achieve greater results!

Introduction: Personal time management skills are essential for professional success in any workplace. Those able to successfully implement time management strategies are able to control their workload rather than spend each day in a frenzy of activity reacting to crisis after crisis - stress declines and personal productivity soars! These highly effective individuals are able to focus on the tasks with the greatest impact to them and their organization.

Time Management workshop will cover strategies to help participants learn these crucial strategies. Your participants will be given a skill set that include personal motivation, delegation skills, organization tools, and crisis management. We’ll cover all this and more during this workshop.

Training Objectives :

1.Plan and prioritize each day’s activities in a more efficient, productive manner
2.Overcome procrastination quickly and easily
3.Handle crises effectively and quickly
4.Organize your workspace and workflow to make better use of time
5.Delegate more efficiently
6.Use rituals to make your life run smoother
7.Plan meetings more appropriately and effectively

Key Highlights:

1.       Program comprises one hour video, 100 questions &  memory sheet.

2.       24x7 Easy access of the courseware on Computer/ tab/ mobile ensure learning at participants pace.

3.       Professional Development Unit certificate issued post course completion & exit test success.

4.       High quality international grade training content, with model template for adaption.


We encourage all participants to leverage this eLearning content for self & organizational excellence.

Happy Learning !

Team SkillCert

This training program help student to manage transition from campus to corporate.

Key pillars for intervention are:











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CBAP Live Virtual Training
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SkillCert presents CBAP Live Virtual Training

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- 60 days of unlimited access to online study materials

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CBAP Blended Classroom Course
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SkillCert brings to you CBAP Blended Classroom Course

- 2 Day weekend classroom training supported by high quality eLearning content 

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